Teenager life in a world of tomorrow

A project with our partner school from Kotka from 2019-2022





Teacher education September 2019 in Königsbach

topic: digital media in classroom

The first short-term  staff training event for Erasmus+ TeLiTo Teenager Life in a World of Tomorrow took place in Königsbach-Stein, Germany from Tuesday 24th till Friday 27th of September, 2019. The event included lectures, workshops and excursions.  A visit to Karlsruhe Seminar für Realschullehrerausbildung was included in the programme as well. The visitors observed and participated in a lesson for future arts teachers about using digital media in an art lesson. As the project includes the topic of future and future skills students might need, an excursion to Bundesgartenschau in Heilbronn was arranged. The exhibition featured several buildings which had been built by using new, eco friendly and sustainable methods and materials. The workshops included getting to know eTwinning and developing the project on that platform. 

student's exchange November 2019

Topic: Breaking the ice

 Finnish students visited Königsbach from 24.11.-30.11.2019.

There was a study visit of a organic farm near the village Stein and at the Gasometer in Pforzheim with the topic "Great Barrier Reef" to increase awareness about environmental problems. 

We cooperated in handicraft for Christmas products and baking cookies for selling them at the Christmas market in the WBRS - getting knowledge about typical Finnish Christmas cards and typical German Christmas traditions. 

On the last day we went on a digital city ralley with iPads through Karlsruhe  and showed our guests a typical Christmas market in Germany. 

Every evening there was a meeting between the Finnish and German colleagues. Several German teachers took part so that had the opportunity to get to know the Finnish partners.

Teacher training in Kotka January 2020

Topic: Language teaching methods

under construction

Student exchange April 2022 in Königsbach

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the time of the mobility and some of its contents had to be changed, because carrying out the original ones was no longer possible.

As for the basic program the students participated in lessons with their German host students and the teachers observed classes at the WBRS. To break the ice there was a team-building activity on Monday. 

The topic "environmental awareness" was covered by making a solar carousel in a workshop, which enhanced the topic of energy supply sources of the future. 

A study visit to the Technology Museum in Pforzheim,revealed the visitors the history of Pforzheim artisans of the past and the present. There Students could express themselves in arts by making their own jewelry (e.g. bracelet). Pforzheim is known and famous as the "gold city"because of its handicraft tradition. 

The cultural peak of the week was a study visit to Maulbronn monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Student exchange in Kotka May 2022

The last student exchange took place in Kotka in May 2022.

 Students got information about the new school in Kotka and the finnish school system.

Lots of activities gave an impression about the finnish culture:

 A study visit at Maretarium and walk to Sapokka water park and Katariinanniemi urban park, a visit of Imperial Langinkoski Fishing lodge, The fantastic Vellamo Maritime Centre and  the  icebreaker Tarmo. In a study visit we learned about Porvoo and the Runeberg's home, the poet of the Finnish anthem.

Looking at the future our activities were walking through the new eco park, collecting litter and hang on trees bird houses. Robotic lessons gave the students a glimpse about new technology.

The highlight was the excursion to the capital Helsinki.